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What Makes Sheppard Law Different?

1. Amber Isn’t A Robot.

Just because Amber is a lawyer, it doesn’t mean she has to be a stereotypical one. Come on, you know you’ve heard lawyer jokes saying lawyers are lazy, money-hungry, and evil. You probably even laughed at them.

In all seriousness, no one wants a punch-line or a robot for an attorney. You can be a good lawyer while still maintaining your humanity, humility, and humor. Or at least Sheppard Law thinks so.

The unofficial Sheppard Law motto is “Be Fierce And Kind”. Louisiana and Mississippi licensed attorney Amber Sheppard takes pride in her effective, cost-efficient, and aggressive advocacy for her business law, family law, personal injury, and attorney clients.

So where does the humility and humor come into play? Well, contrary to popular belief, a person can be a good lawyer without alienating everyone around her. It is possible to have light hearted moments with clients or opposing counsel from time to time—after all, everyone is human. Even in the darkest of times, one can always find a little light.

Don’t let her smile fool you- Amber is all business in the courtroom and in negotiations. Sheppard Law works hard to ensure ethics and professionalism remain intact even when fiercely advocating for family law, business law, and personal injury clients.

After all, when we represent you, our reputation becomes part of yours.

2. Our in-house therapy dog, Tubbs.

You’ll always see a friendly face when interacting with Sheppard Law. Is it our staff? I mean, I guess so. But let’s be honest: Tubbs is the real star of this family law, business law, and personal injury operation.

3. Flexibility to represent you, your business, your appeal, or your family in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Living or working in Southeast Louisiana means you may find yourself on the Gulf coast of Mississippi or vice versa more often than you’d think. So why not hire someone who can help you on both sides of the state line? If your appeal is in a court where Amber is not admitted, then she may refer your case out to an individual who is or apply for admission in that court.

4. Real world experience owning, directing, and managing businesses.

From an employee working the front desk to a director of a national corporation, Amber has been in every proverbial shoe at a business. She understands the stress you are under, the stress your employees may be under, and will look at your issues from many different angles in order to help prepare your case or come to a solution that works best for your operation.

5. Ability to make you laugh even when you don’t think you can.

You’ll notice throughout the website and in any face to face you have with Sheppard Law that we really try to make the law and your experience with it as fun as we can. Did you notice the dog “wrote” her own biography? If you’ve called us at 985-265-7196 then you’ve caught the “Tubbs messaging service”.Amber was awarded Funniest Girl in her high school three times. What’s that? That was four score and seven years ago? Well, Cher won an Oscar decades ago and still talks about it so Amber can too. Disregard the fact she doesn’t have multi-platinum albums and a fanbase….like Amber does (this is a joke of course).

6. Publications.

If outside sources beyond an attorney’s website publish their work, then they may have something to say. Amber Sheppard has been published twenty times….and counting. From strength sport related content to business specific articles, Amber’s work has been published nationally. Tubbs is working on her publications; so far everyone has rejected her puppy paw paintings.

7. Small client to attorney ratio, by choice.

We have a cap on the amount of clients Sheppard Law takes on at any given time in order to make sure our clients get the attention and communication they deserve. The feedback from our clients shows this works.

8. Time management & technology practices with you in mind.

Sheppard Law values your time. By having early morning, lunch, and after hours appointments available, we do our best to accommodate your busy schedule so you don’t have to rearrange your life just because you need legal help with your business, family, or as a result of someone else injuring you. Technology is our best friend (excuse me Tubbs: make that our second best friend). Sheppard Law wants to make your life easier. Our Slidell, Louisiana business law and family law practice has text messaging capabilities as Amber knows you have a life outside your case. She will send you documents for review before you come in. That way if there are any edits that need to be done, she can do them on her time--- not yours.

9. Academic aptitude.

Amber graduated with many accolades from law school but her academic quest for knowledge didn’t end there. She studied and passed the Mississippi bar. Two years later she decided studying for the bar exam was so much fun that she would do it again in Louisiana (please see section 5). She passed in Louisiana as well. Amber continues to stay up to date on any changes in the law by attending yearly continuing education courses. Many years she has gone over the “required minimum” hours in order to keep her mind fresh and to better serve her clients.

10. Honesty and transparency. What you won’t find at Sheppard Law is Amber sugar-coating the truth to you about your case. You will hear the good, the bad, the ugly about the facts of your case. If you want someone to hold your hand and make guarantees, then you’re on the wrongsite. Of course Amber (and Tubbs) want to win your case but they won’t delude you about the cold, hard facts either. Of course, Amber will also tell you the whys of her case strategy and be pro-active in your case
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