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When you or a loved one has been injured, it changes your entire life. Whether you were harmed driving, walking on public or private property, riding a bike, by an animal… whatever the case may be, it can be scary. It may be one of the scariest times of your life.

When our Slidell personal injury attorney Amber was in college she was struck by a van while riding her bicycle in Hammond, Louisiana. She wasn’t at fault, it was a clear summer evening, and she suffered fractures in her face and hip. She even had what she called “The Terminator Eye” (an entirely red eye from broken blood vessels), which was cute as her job as a tour guide at SLU. Yet, even as she was attended to at the hospital and in her subsequent recovery, Amber thought she couldn’t do anything about her injury.

That was far from the case as she later learned during her tenure in law school, her work at traumatic brain injury law firm Anderson Boutwell Traylor, and her summer internship at the bicycle accident law firm Shefman Law Group in San Francisco.

That’s why personal injury cases hold a special place in our proverbial heart at Sheppard Law. We have been there where you are now. We know the pain and uncertainty you are going through. And we want to help you through it.

Rather than face the insurance companies or hospitals alone, it would benefit you and your family to talk to a personal injury attorney. If you’ve been hurt while driving, walking, riding a bike, in public or in private, in a business, at someone’s home, then you have options when it comes to recovering for your suffering.

Types of Personal Injury

· Motor vehicle accidents (car, truck, boat, train, bus, trolley)

· Bicycle accident

· Car Wrecks

· Pedestrian accidents

· 18 wheeler wrecks

· Slip and fall

· Premises liability

· Negligence

· Negligent supervision

· Negligent hiring

· Negligent security

· Burn injury

· Fire injury

· Wrongful death

· Traumatic Brain injury

· Spinal cord injury

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Not all personal injuries require physical ailments. Some personal injury actions relate to businesses or your reputation like:

· Slander and defamation
· Libel
· Lost profits
· Breach of contract

Types of damages you could recover (dependent on your claim and case):

· Pain and suffering
· Medical bills
· Bills associated with damaged property
· Lost wages
· Loss of consortium (commonly referred to as “loss of companionship”)
· Loss of future earnings
· Medical bills
· Punitive damages
· Emotional distress

Don’t wait too long to contact an experienced attorney as personal injury claims have statutes of limitations. That means you have a very limited amount of time to file a lawsuit (typically 1-3 years after the injury occurs, but there are nuances to this so it would benefit you to consult an attorney to see what timeline applies to you). If not filed, then you will have lost the ability to assert that claim in court.

If you are looking for a car accident attorney in Slidell, Louisiana that can help you navigate the legal system, listen to your concerns, and fight for you, then call Sheppard Law to schedule your free consult with Amber and Tubbs*.

We often work with other firms or attorneys on our personal injury cases. We will let you know when we have a consultation if that is a possibility and will allow you to make that choice.

*Tubbs is a dog and cannot provide actual legal services or advice. But she can look cute and provide emotional support.
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