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Let’s face it. Talking about end of life decisions and what happens when you pass away is not fun. Some may say it is downright morbid, but you know what? These hard conversations need to be had now so you have all your ducks in a row to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. If you are injured, incapacitated, or disabled, then you need someone to access your accounts, pay your bills, and take care of your affairs on your behalf. Otherwise they may have to file Interdiction proceedings which are costly and add more stress to your family and loved ones.

What Are Types of Estate Planning Documents

· Will

· Living Will

· Trust

· Testamentary Trust

· Pet Trust

· Special Needs Trust

· Power of Attorney

· Medical Power of Attorney

· Limited Power of Attorney

· Durable Power of Attorney

· Cremation Intent Form

· Donations of the Body to Science Form

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How Does The Estate Planning Process Work?

We know it's overwhelming to think about or even consider dying or the worst possible outcome. Here at Sheppard Law we wanted to make it easier on folx so that's why we put together an easy-to-digest estate planning packet and now offer to come to your home, your business, hospital, or assisted living home to execute the documents.

Step by Step Process For Estate Planning

1. You reach out to us for your estate planning packet. You can call us or text us our assistant Brielle at 985-265-7069, shoot us an email at, or fill out a form for us to contact you here. We will get some information from you to make sure there are no conflicts of interest on our end. If there isn't, then we send your estate planning packet to fill out.

2. You fill out the estate planning packet & send it back to us.
You will look through it to see what best suits your needs. The forms explain what each item is in detail. The forms can be scary or overwhelming at first. We try to make them as easy to digest as possible. It’s just meant to get you to start thinking and having discussions with yourself or your family/partner if that’s a consideration. Before we schedule a time for us to go over your questions, it benefits everyone involved if you have those hard discussions with each other before we meet to execute the documents.

3. We invoice you for your package & we receive payment.
We talk on the phone for up to 20 minutes virtually. If you have questions about what certain things mean then we will talk virtually via phone or Zoom at a scheduled time for up to 20 minutes. If it’s straight forward to you then you can just send it back filled out and let us know what you’d like. I’m a one-woman shop so I will need to schedule a time with you in advance. Anything longer than 20 minutes requires a paid consultation.

4. We schedule a date and time to execute your documents.
For our documents you will need to coordinate with two uninterested witnesses to be on site for the day that we schedule. This means that witness is over 18 and is not a person in that document. For example, if your daughter is going to be your agent, then she cannot witness your Power of Attorney. If your spouse is in your will, then your spouse cannot be a witness for the will. Those people can be witnesses for other documents, but not that particular document. We can provide two witnesses with us for an additional fee.

5. We draft your documents for your review.
We will send your draft for review via email or in the mail depending on your preference. You will review it for any edits or changes and let us know those changes.

6. We make any changes.
We value your time and want to make sure before we visit you to execute the documents, everything is to your liking. If we need to talk on the phone or schedule a Zoom call with you to go over the documents, we will do that ahead of time.

7. We meet to execute your documents.
We will meet you at our office or, for an additional fee, in the comfort of your home, business, hospital, or assisted living home to execute your documents. You keep the original documents.

8. You have peace of mind.

How Much Does Estate Planning Cost

Like anything else that we do, that depends on what documents you need, what package you select, and the complexity of your estate matters. Each package can be custom tailored specifically for you and your family's needs.

Traveling Estate Planning Services

Sometimes you just want to execute your documents in the comfort of your own home. Other times you may have an emergency and need us to meet at a hospital or assisted living home.

It's for those reasons, we do offer traveling will services for our Northshore clients. We travel anywhere in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana so long as your home, your business, hospital, or assisted living home will allow us to enter. We can travel outside the Parish but our travel fee will be increased in accordance with the additional distance incurred.
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