Freelance Attorney

Sheppard Law Freelance Attorney

What in the world is a freelance attorney? Think of them as your law firm's "on call associate”: someone you can call when you need help, as you need help.

Need an extra set of eyes and hands to help your case load? Hire Amber Sheppard as a freelance attorney, or contract attorney, on a project basis to do legal research, legal writing, editing, or stand in for you when you can’t make an appearance. Let her handle the legal research and writing for your case or issue so you can focus on your practice management and other cases.

By charging affordable rates per hour based on the complexity and turn-around time of your project, you save time & resources.

Call or email Sheppard Law today so Amber can discuss your project with you and develop a strategy that fits your firm’s needs and timeline.

Why Use Sheppard Law As A Contract Attorney For Your Firm’s Needs

· Succinct, clear, precise work product
· Ability and flexibility to work on a variety of projects, including appellate briefs, pretrial motions, and legal memoranda
· Efficient turn around
· Affordable hourly rates

Solutions For All Practitioners And Any Sized Firm

Solo or Small Firms: The fluctuations of solo or small firm practice mean that some weeks you can leave the office early or finally schedule that doctor appointment; but other weeks your cases explode all at once and you find yourself sitting in an all-day long mediation or deposition the day before a major filing is due in another case.

Human cloning isn’t an option but it doesn't make sense to hire an associate just for those occasions, right? For those slow times you don’t want to pay someone to just sit around playing on Facebook drinking coffee do you? That's where Amber comes in. Use her services when you need her, as you need her.
Mid-Size Firms: Yes, you may have other associates and partners to help with your case load but what happens when their case load is high and can’t help? Sure you could get a law clerk or intern to help you but you’re likely going to have edit it anyway. Rather than waste your time and resources, do you stay late at the office doing all of the research and writing that needs to get done and miss a family event? Of course not; you call Amber and she does it for you.
In-house Counsel: Yall manage the same case load as a law firm without the attorney man-power. You, and maybe a few other attorneys on staff, have a large client base when you consider your client company and its employees. Some days you’re handling large scale, high-dollar business deals on top of managing the regular, day-to-day matters. If an issue comes up unexpectedly you may not have enough folks in the office or hours in the day to thoroughly research or draft what you need.

Sure, you could call the big law firm who may serve as outside counsel but they are just as over-worked as you are and their price tag may be more than what your budget can handle for a little bit of legal research and writing. Hire Amber to do the work for you so you can focus on your job, while letting your CFO know you’ve got their best interest (and budget) in mind.
Special Projects: Every firm has that list of special projects they need to get done but are hanging on until “the right time” to do them. The “right time” likes to hang out with “when there’s more than 24 hours in the day” and “I’ll stop eating chocolate”. All three frolic in a mythical land known as “Never-Going-To-Happenville”.

Rather than letting your special project or idea sit on the back burner, let Amber take care of it for you. Maybe that special project is a newsletter, preparation for a CLE or conference presentation, research for that article you promised the Bar, or that demand letter you said you’d do for your neighbor but never got around to.

Sheppard Law

Sheppard Law Services

· Legal research
· Legal writing
· Editing
· Stand In For Attorneys At Trial, Hearings, Depositions
· Assist sole practitioners and firms with short-term and long-term litigation projects
· CLE, Presentation, or Article Research
· Newsletter content

Sheppard Law Freelance Practice Areas

· Business Law
· Family Law
· Service Dog
· Emotional Support Animal
· Personal Injury
· CINC (excluding 22nd JDC)

Sheppard Law Freelance Attorney Work Projects

Dog Law

o Legal research
o Amicus briefs
o Internal legal research memoranda
o Consulting with legal teams


o Legal research
o Internal legal research memoranda
o Pleadings
     § Petitions
     § Answers
     § Oppositions
     § Memos and Motions
o Motion and Memos to Dismiss (Opposition and Reply too)
o Motion and Memo for Summary Judgment (Opposition and Reply too)
o Discovery
o Hearing Preparation (exhibit prep, testimony, judgments, etc)
o Document Review
o Deposition Reviews
o Bench books
o Appellate briefs