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When most folx think of family law, they think of divorce and child custody concerns. While that is a large portion of family law issues in Slidell, Louisiana to Mandeville, Louisiana, there are other concerns that occur often and fall under the family law umbrella. Sheppard Law can assist you in starting your family law case or defending you in an action started against you.

Types of Louisiana Family Law Issues Sheppard Law Can Assist You With

· Marriage
     o Prenuptial agreement (agreement signed before marriage)
     o Antenuptial agreement (agreement signed after marriage)

· Divorce
     o Uncontested

· LGBTQIA+ Services
     o Adoption (all genders, including one parent adoption
post surrogacy or birth)
     o Name change (birth certificate)
     o Transgender name change
     o Gender marker change (birth certificate)
     o Uncontested divorce

· Interdictions
o Limited interdiction
     o Full interdiction

· Adoptions

· Adult Adoptions

· Same Sex Adoptions, also known as Second Parent Adoptions

· Gestational Carrier Contracts

· Personal Documents
  o Powers of Attorney (general, durable, medical, and/or living will)
· Wills and Successions

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Fee Options For Louisiana and Mississippi Family Law Services

At Sheppard Law, Amber is very cognizant of your budget and resources.

Hourly rate.

Hourly rate is fixed.

Flat fee.

While most services are billed at an hourly rate, there are times when a flat fee may be in your best interest.
Other times a flat fee is offered? To draft a will, handle a succession, drafting of settlement documents, or drafting of powers of attorney.

Fee options are discussed at your paid consultation with Amber in order to find what options are available to you in your situation. All fee agreements will be in writing in a signed contract between yourself and Sheppard Law should Amber be hired to represent you in your Slidell family law case.

*This is just one example of when a flat rate may be beneficial to your budget and case. All rates and options will be discussed on a case by case basis with Amber during your consultation. Amber is not your attorney unless and until a contract has been signed by the client and Amber and payment, whether flat or advanced deposit, has been received.
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