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How Social Media Can Help Someone Sue Your Small Business

If the Internet had Miranda Rights, it would read "Social Media--- anything you say, like, or post can and will be used against you." What you post on your personal or business page can come back to haunt you in a lawsuit. But there are proactive steps you can take as a Slidell small business to protect yourself and your business.

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Louisiana Creatives & Artists Need Lawyers Too

It's 2022. Lawyers are not just for big box corporations. We live in Louisiana. Artistry and creativity here abounds. That is why we are here to tell our fellow creatives that lawyers are not scary and you need a Slidell business lawyer for your projects and small business.‍

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Hurricane Ida Property Damage Claims & Resources

As South Louisiana residents we despise one thing more than the Atlanta Falcons: hurricanes. Having lived through storms and gutted our fair share of Slidell buildings in our lifetime, we understand how stressful it can be when you've been uprooted from your home or handling repairs. Not just as a Slidell personal injury law firm but as Slidell residents too.‍ That's why we've put together some resources for our fellow Hurricane Ida survivors in Louisiana and Mississippi for disaster relief and insurance claims. All of this information was also presented by us in conjunction with East St. Tammany Habitat For Humanity & Habitat Young Professionals Northshore on September 8, 2021.

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