Interview With Sheppard Law Service Dog Tubbs

Shelter Dog From Lacombe Turned Legal Beagle

How did you come to know Amber Sheppard?

I was a mere pup of 2 years old when I was hanging out at St. Tammany Animal Services in Lacombe waiting for a forever home where I had already been adopted and brought back twice. One hot summer day, the shelter brought this short lady and tall man out to my kennel. They looked really nice, so I wagged my tail and stayed quiet while all the dogs around me barked so I could impress them. They pet me and said they had to think about it, so they left. The short lady turned out to be a chick named Amber Sheppard, and luckily, she came back not long after. I thought she may have been part Basset Hound like me since she was short and stout, but apparently, she’s just a former powerlifting human. She asked me if I wanted to go home with her and the tall man and I wagged my tail as hard as I could to say “YES!”. I still think she may be part dog based on how much she talks to me, but we have to work on her doggo-language pronunciation skills.

Where are my legs?!?!?!?

Where did your name come from?

Well, mom looked at me and said I have short “tubby” legs, so she thought long and hard and dubbed me “Tubbs”. I mean, I’m cool with the name and all, but if her mom had named her with the same line of reasoning it would’ve gone something like, “small, wailing baby... hmm... screams… Screamy!” Mom is really good with the lawyer stuff but openly admits she isn’t super creative. Good thing I’m cute!

What are your favorite pastimes?

I want to be one of those trendy healthy dogs and say exercising, but I would be lying. If I’m being perfectly honest, I love to nap and eat whipped cream from one of the lovely puppuccino establishments in Slidell. When I’m not comforting my mom’s clients at work, I like to help my dad in the kitchen as his sous chef – I’m especially good with cleanup! My best friends are named Mr. Ducky and Mr. Walrus, but they don’t talk much so I throw them in the air (editor’s note: these are stuffed toys). I do enjoy long – albeit leisurely – walks on harbor walls. Living life on the edge, and all that.

"Uncle Tubbs"

If you were a human, what would your job be?

I’m a pretty special dog because I already have a job as a therapy animal! If I had to be human (who would want that, anyways?), then I would be a therapist. I really like listening to people and being able to comfort them. Plus, do you think I could ask my clients for treats as a human? So, who’s the real winner here?

What's the one thing you admire most about Amber Sheppard?

Mom makes people laugh a lot. I’m pretty sure lawyer’s offices aren’t supposed to be fun places for most people, but she seems to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. I think she’s pretty smart for hiring me to be her canine concierge.

It's water I promise. How do you like my Tubby legs?

As an up-and-coming social media influencer, what type of role model will you aspire to be for your fans?

When mom told me she was going to launch Sheppard Law and I would have to help, I had no idea I would become so popular that we would need to dedicate a Facebook group for my fans! As a former shelter mutt that landed an awesome gig, my goal now is to send a message to all humans that rescue dogs rule. I mean, I was even trained as a therapy dog! Other dogs who aren’t puppies or purebreds can have jobs they love and help their humans, too.

Make sure you ask to follow me in my own personal Facebook page: Tubbs Club! Mom puts all of my costume photos there. You can always call or text the office to come see me too.

Need More Tubbs?

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