Amber Sheppard Named Best Attorney By Edge Magazine For 4th Year In A Row

We were honored to be chosen by EDGE of the Lake Magazine (the print publication for Northshore small businesses by Northshore Media Group) readers as Best Attorney in East St. Tammany, Louisiana for the fourth year in a row.

Four years? IN A ROW? Yall still think we are the best Slidell trademark lawyer? This girl right here? Best Slidell small business lawyer? Well, golly gee wilikers.

Before yall side eye us, this is a reader's choice award. It's not something we paid for. Come on yall know a lot of those "awards" out there for professionals require some of that cash money. Any award we are recognized for is due to our merits alone. We refuse to purchase awards. Got to use our cash flow for Tubbs' costumes.

It really means a lot to us that the community sees us as who are and likes what they see. It isn't always easy being "the girl with the dog" who thinks she's a stand up comedian. But my work ethic, kind heart, and ability to make folx from all walks of life feel seen, heard, and validated means a lot to me. It really means a lot to me when folx recognize that and take time to enter our name on a voting ballot.

Let's be honest- I know the real reason we were honored was because Tubbs steals the show. In her defense, she was just born that way. Our clients love her comfort and I wouldn't be where I am without her.

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