Adult Adoptions Protect Your Legacy

We often hear people say that an adult adoption isn't worth it. They think it's pointless after a child turns 18, but that's not true at all. There are many reasons to solidify your family relationship legally.

Don't get distracted by alien Tubbs. Keep on scrolling to learn why.

What is a Louisiana Adult Adoption?

An adult adoption is a unique family law device here in Louisiana. Someone over 18 wants to adopt another person over 18. Usually this is going to be someone who raised them as their own child. This can be:

  • Step-parent
  • Parent-like figure who never married their parent (boyfriend, girlfriend, life partner)
  • Grandparent
  • Family friend
  • Sibling who raised the child (we see this usually where there are large age gaps)

Now, if you want someone to adopt you as an adult to skirt some legal issues like immigration status or special needs trust, this ain't it. Every party has to be able to consent to the adoption.

You can dive into the who, what, when, where, and how of an adult adoption in a previous post.

Does an Adult Adoption Actually Do Anything?

Oh sweet summer child. Let us count the ways.

Typically, it's done for sentimental reasons. But there is a whole host of legal reasons to file an adult adoption in Louisiana.


Allows parent and adult child to inherit. Yall all act like yall will leave things to the step-person in wills. Then when you die WITHOUT ONE, they are left in the cold.  Dying without a will (intestate) means the person you raised does not get a single dime of your estate.

Families don't always act right yall. Get it legally binding on paper. Draft a will and formally adopt.

Legal Relationship for Benefits

Some SS and insurance benefits require a LEGAL family relationship to be established. Step or quasi-family doesn't cut it for those companies. They need that court order that you can only get with a formalized adult adoption.

Restoring Biological Families

For children who were adopted, they sometimes want to restore the original legal relationship between themselves and their biological families. Perhaps their adopted family has passed away or there is some trauma there they wish to severe ties with. Whatever the reason is, an adult adoption allows for this and all of the inheritance rights that go along with it.

Aged-Out Foster Care Concerns

Foster care children do not continue to receive certain services after they age out of the system. Their foster family, even if they were not adopted before 18, can adopt them as an adult to get them on their insurance, inherit, help with college, and more.

Allows For A Name Change

If you choose to change your name to the adopted last name, you have that option. This is not automatic, but many want that legal relationship rather than changing their last name only.

If you were born out of state, many state's Vital Records require a court order and Act of Congress.

Need help with an adult adoption in Louisiana?

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